• Squish tip of the week: Automate Jira ticket creation or updates with Squish results

    24 Apr 2014 Did you know you can automatically create or update a JIRA issue to contain information from your Squish test results? Use Squish’s xml2jira tool to: Create a new JIRA issue Update an existing JIRA issue Add Squish test suite status results in a JIRA issue Description Add Squish test suite summary results for in the […] more

  • Webinar: Squish Hybrid Application Testing

    April 29, 2014 Learn how to automate testing of hybrid GUI applications with Squish more

  • STAREast 2014

    May 4 - 9, 2014 Expo at STAREast 2014 in Orlando Floria more

  • Squish GUI Tester 5.1 Released

    16 Apr 2014 As announced today on www.froglogic.com, we are excited to make available Squish 5.1. A lot of new features found its way into this release. This includes Multi-touch gesture support, an interactive “object not found” debugging wizard, new integrations for Bamboo, JIRA, TeamCity and the Robot Framework, full-blown Google Chrome support, added support for Qt 5.2, […] more

  • froglogic Releases Squish GUI Tester 5.1

    16 Apr 2014 froglogic released version 5.1 of its cross-platform, cross-technology and cross-device GUI test automation tool with several new features and improvements. more

  • Squish tip of the week: Validate functionality and visual layout

    14 Apr 2014 Did you know Squish can visually validate your application in addition to verifying objects & properties? While the most common method of validation testing is data or object related, Squish can also validate how an item appears visually. Create a Screenshot Verification Point using Squish and: Strictly compare images Compare image pixels, setting thresholds for […] more

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