• Squish tip of the week: Execute Ruby scripts using external interpreter

    4 Feb 2016 As most Ruby users know, a variety of Ruby installations exist. Squish gives you the flexibility to call Ruby scripts using external interpreters as well as the one shipped with Squish. Follow the Ruby script execution through external i … more

  • Embedded World 2016

    February 23 - 25, 2016 more

  • Share your Squish experience on ITCentralStation!

    28 Jan 2016 Squish users have begun posting reviews on ITCentralStation*, an independent tool review site. We’d enjoy seeing reviews from other Squish users as well!Write Review Reviews already posted by Squish users Once the UI components are … more

  • Squish Product Roadmap: Version 6.1

    27 Jan 2016 As members of the Squish user community, we would like to share with you our upcoming features. In Squish 6.1 we are implementing: New Window Convenience script functions for: Desktop. Implemented as wrapper-independent script functions … more

  • Squish tip of the week: Updating changed objects

    20 Jan 2016 Periodically (or frequently) objects change in applications. Having a time-efficient approach to updating your automated test suite is important. The Object Not Found tool in Squish helps users update any changed objects by prompting the … more

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