• Squish GUI Tester 5.1 Released

    16 Apr 2014 As announced today on, we are excited to make available Squish 5.1. A lot of new features found its way into this release. This includes Multi-touch gesture support, an interactive “object not found” debugging wizard, new integrations for Bamboo, JIRA, TeamCity and the Robot Framework, full-blown Google Chrome support, added support for Qt 5.2, […] more

  • froglogic Releases Squish GUI Tester 5.1

    16 Apr 2014 froglogic released version 5.1 of its cross-platform, cross-technology and cross-device GUI test automation tool with several new features and improvements. more

  • Squish tip of the week: Validate functionality and visual layout

    14 Apr 2014 Did you know Squish can visually validate your application in addition to verifying objects & properties? While the most common method of validation testing is data or object related, Squish can also validate how an item appears visually. Create a Screenshot Verification Point using Squish and: Strictly compare images Compare image pixels, setting thresholds for […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to determine all child objects of a given type

    8 Apr 2014 Need to know the number of check boxes, rows or items associated with a particular parent object? Perhaps each child object containing a specific flag holds valuable information. You can tell Squish to find all the parent object’s children, and only the children of a given type. Here’s how: Using Squish’s object.children() function, you can […] more

  • Fixed blog comment captchas

    2 Apr 2014 A customer pointed out that the “captcha” mechanism protecting this blog against spammers worked so “good” that even legitimate users couldn’t post any comments. Embarassing. Turned out that the plugin providing this feature was indeed install wrongly. It broke after a system upgrade. Never change a running system! This posting serves a “comments are open […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to capture data for reuse later in test

    2 Apr 2014 A common question I hear from users is: Is it possible to capture data from my application, store it, and use it later in my test? Quick Answer: Absolutely! Using Squish’s object access functions, users can retrieve information about an object, it’s properties, values, etc. Take an Inventory application for example. After entering a new […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: Keyword-driven testing with Robot Framework

    26 Mar 2014 Designing your test framework to incorporate keyword-driven testing can produce a test framework that minimized maintenance time as your application changes. Keyword-driven testing utilizes action or descriptive words describing the functionality being tested. By integrating Squish with Robot Framework users can produce higher-level keywords, which can then be used to drive a test framework regardless […] more

  • Squish Coco 3.0.1 Update

    19 Mar 2014 An update release for Squish Coco 3.0. more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to modify the mouse click duration

    18 Mar 2014 Did you know you can control the duration of a mouse click? Or create drag-and-drop mouse events? Perhaps you have a pop-up menu, a menu which requires a longer click, or need to click and drag an object from one area to another. Using a combination of mouse Interaction Functions, mousePress, mouseMove and mouseRelease can […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to wait for multiple objects

    12 Mar 2014 Ever encounter a situation where waiting for the availability of just one object isn’t enough? Perhaps multiple items in your application need to be in a particular state before your test can proceed? The following article demonstrates how to refactor your script to determine if all necessary objects are ready for the next portion of […] more

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