• Squish tip of the week: Isolating Setup from Test Objectives

    26 Aug 2015 Isolating the setup, or test pre-conditions, from the objective of the test results in clearer and more accurate testing results. Remember, a good test case should run without the need to first run a separate test case. Really? How is that possible if the results of one test are needed for the next test? Consider […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to handle tests requiring user input

    19 Aug 2015 While the goal is automating a test from end to end, there are those (hopefully) occasional circumstances where human interaction isn’t avoidable. How about tests where a password is required?What if I have to manually configure something as part of a test? Use Squish’s testInteraction Functions to allow user-input points during playback. Examples using testInteraction […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: What to automate next? How to best expand your automated test suite

    13 Aug 2015 Once you’ve established an initial test framework – perhaps you even followed the Squish Tip of the Week: Where to start? – how do you determine where to continue expanding the automated test suite? New features! Features not even in Development (yet). As a team, write the new feature in Gherkin. That becomes your initial […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: Using variable values in the Squish Script Console

    5 Aug 2015 Segmenting from a past blog post, Scripting with the help of the Squish Script Console, an enhancement to the Squish Script Console in 6.0 makes current variables and their values available from the console. Now manually scripting or troubleshooting your scripts are that much easier! The example below illustrates using the record variable value in […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to create cross-platform BDD tests

    31 Jul 2015 BDD tests can span multiple platforms. Watch this great video on how you can execute BDD tests across multiple platforms. Learn how in less than 10 minutes! more

  • Squish 6.0 Beta with fully integrated BDD support released

    22 Jul 2015 About two years after the release of Squish 5.0, we are proud and excited to make available a BETA of Squish 6.0 to you. The main new features of this release are fully integrated support for Behavior Driven Development and Testing (BDD) as well as major improvements to Squish’s reporting capabilities. You can read the […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to automate your BDD test scenarios

    22 Jul 2015 Did you know that you can automate your existing BDD test scenarios using Squish 6.0? Have any existing scenarios in Gherkin? If not, no worries, creating them is as easy as writing in your native language. Automate your BDD scenarios in 3 easy steps: Copy and paste (or write) the Gherkin scenario in a Squish […] more

  • Squish 6.0 Beta Release - now with BDD!

    21 Jul 2015 New beta feature release: Squish GUI Tester 6.0 beta more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to get Windows process information

    9 Jul 2015 As with many things in Squish – the sky’s the limit using Squish’s supported scripting languages. Check out an example script and function demonstrating how to retrieve process information on the Windows operating system more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to quickly identify test failures vs flaky tests

    2 Jul 2015 Do you have tests that fail randomly? Or maybe just periodically? Categorizing Test Failures Identifying and separating test failures related to defects versus flaky tests isn’t always as straight forward as it may sound. Why important? Time. Exponentially impacted time. When test failures are not handled intelligently, manually troubleshooting and distinguishing the two can lead […] more

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