• Squish tip of the week: Video tutorial: How to Create BDD Tests using Squish

    19 Nov 2015 Checkout the latest tutorial addition to our video library for an introduction to recording & editing BDD tests: Watch more tutorials in our Video Library More Information Request your free 30 day Squish evaluation Learn more about Squish Other Squish Resources (videos, tech articles, user communities and more) more

  • Squish tip of the week: Stop playback if ANY verification fails

    13 Nov 2015 If a verification fails, by default, Squish continues executing the test. By setting the testSettings.throwOnFailure to True, playback will then stop if a any type of verification fails, and raise an error. See bool testSettings.throwOnFailure to learn more. Types of verifications: test.xcompare test.verify test.xverify test.exception test.vp test.fatal more

  • Squish tip of the week: Confirm expected object timing

    6 Nov 2015 The idea behind this tip came from a question how one could confirm a window disappeared if not interacted with for a given period of time. The result is quite flexible, and can extend beyond the single case. Enjoy! more

  • Attend our Talk about BDD for Embedded GUI Testing in Munich

    3 Nov 2015 On Thursday, Nov. 5th, Reginald will be giving the talk “BDD als Ansatz zum Automatisierten Testen von Embedded GUIs und HMIs” at the Embedded Testing conference in Munich. Have a look at the agenda for more details. This is a variation of the talk already delivered at the Qt World Summit in October. more

  • Squish tip of the week: Convert Symbolic Name to Real Name in 2 Clicks

    29 Oct 2015 Squish uses the concept of the Object Map, with Symbolic Names and Real Names available for use in scripts. At times an object real name may be needed at the script level instead of the symbolic name. Quickly convert your symbolic name to a real name by right clicking the symbolic name in the script […] more

  • Squish 6.0.1 Maintenance Release

    29 Oct 2015 New feature release: Squish GUI Tester 6.0 more

  • Qt World Summit 2015 talks on-line

    23 Oct 2015 Beginning of October we sponsored, exhibited and talked at the Qt World Summit in Berlin. It was a great event and we are already now looking forward to next year’s event. The Qt Company now published the videos of all talks. You can view the talks given by us here: more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to test Single & Multi-Touch Gestures in Mobile Apps

    22 Oct 2015 Did you know using Squish’s Gesture Editor you can: Work with Single & Multi-Touch Gestures Record Gestures Manually Build Gestures Edit Gestures Animate or Preview Gestures Call or reuse Gestures Example Recorded Gesture Learn more about using single and multi-touch gestures in your mobile app testing by: watching this 5 minute tutorial reading more about […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: Test against multiple applications

    15 Oct 2015 Squish can work with more than one applications in a single test Switch between applications (for recording or playback) using Application Context. Let’s say you are testing a chat application Two chat sessions are interacting. Even if one session is a Desktop application and the other is a Mobile App – it’s all possible! Learn […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: Determine patch regression risk

    24 Sep 2015 What if you could determine the impact of a patch on your application? Do you know which tests, if any, validate the impacted code? How about what code or functions were introduced and and require new tests? Squish Coco’s Patch Analysis report can tell you that and more Scenario: You’ve applied a patch to your […] more

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