Squish Central
Test Automation Management

Squish Central is a cross-platform, end-to-end Test Automation Management Solution which helps to manage and control all aspects of automated tests. The features of Squish Central include:

  • Management of tasks (application deployment, test deployment, build automation, etc.)
  • Management of tests (Squish GUI tests and more)
  • Automated deployment of application builds and test data
  • Management of the machine pool to execute tests on
  • Scheduling of distributed test runs
  • Managing and processing test results and reports
  • User and role management
  • Team collaboration and communication

Squish Central is accessible via a powerful web interface to set up the automation and perform all the necessary tasks. Activity streams and the possibility to file comments on tests and results support team collaboration.

Squish Central is cross-platform solution which makes it possible to run distributed tests on many different target machines according to a defined schedule.

Squish Central Architecture

To support the automation of the complete cycle—from building an application to running its tests—it is possible to specify different sources from which applications, data, and tests should be retrieved and deployed before execution. Example sources include:

  • File transfer from any machine in the managed machine pool
  • Jenkins (former Hudson)
  • HTTP

Squish Central is tightly integrated with the Squish GUI Tester. In addition it is capable of running other types of tests from generic batch/shell scripts to tests of the xUnit family such as JUnit and PHPUnit. A plugin-based extension mechanism allows for addition of new task and test types.

Running lots of automated tests on many different machine/operating system combinations can produce a flood of results, including a lot of redundant information. Squish Central's reporting is optimized for such scenarios and keeps the results understandable and manageable.

Future plans include support for more integrations, for example, automatically filing bugs in tools like JIRA, Mantis, or Bugzilla, and integrations with Requirements and Specification tools.