• Improved Management Of Object Names – Part 2

    25 Jul 2016 In a previous blog entry, we introduced an alternative, script-based, approach to maintaining a mapping of symbolic names (variables) to the actual object names (strings). By using script variables instead of free-form strings, the mappi … more

  • QtCon Berlin

    September 1 - 4 2016 more

  • Improved Management Of Object Names

    19 Jul 2016 TL;DR: Using plain script language variables over the standard objects.map file simplifies refactoring and maintenance at the expense of losing the ability to generate (or reuse) the names when recording. NOTE: Throughout this blog artic … more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to modify the WaitForObject timeout

    6 Jul 2016 Troubleshooting a script can be long and exhausting especially if there are objects which can not be found. Fortunately, we can adjust the timeout duration for waitForObject to save us some time. By default the duration of waitForObject … more

  • Squish 6.1 Beta with Visual Verification Points

    5 Jul 2016 About ten months after the release of Squish 6.0, we are proud and excited to make available a BETA of Squish 6.1 to you. The main new features of this release is an innovative approach to visual verifications; convenient application win … more

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