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4th Anniversary

In two days our company froglogic will have it’s 4th anniversary. The past 4 years have been very exciting times for us.

Harri and I started the company in July 2003 (the hottest summer I can remember), after just having relocated to Hamburg. At this time the economy was still rather bad and I remember some pessimistic comments from the lady at the counter when we registered the company.

We started by working out of a small room in Harri’s apartment and our only start-up investment were 2 computers so we could start developing Squish. I coincidently found a design overview document of Squish which I wrote back then, so I thought I could as well post it here as attachment 🙂

We continued working in this setting for quite a while and it was good to see that Squish (for Qt only at this time) really started taking off in spring/summer 2004. Beginning of 2005 we felt confident enough that Squish will keep growing, so we finally moved into small offices and hired our first employee in May 2005.

The number of employees, our revenue and profit kept growing organically and we moved into bigger offices around Easter 2006. At this time we also started extending Squish for more technologies, such as Web testing and Java testing.

In a month we will move into new offices yet again since Harri and I had to move into the conference room already due to too little space in our current office.

I’m looking forward to the coming years and further growth. I’d also like to take the chance to thank all our customers, users and partners for their support and trust in us in the name of the froglogic team.Squish DesignSquish Design

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