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Arrived in NYC

Harri and I arrived yesterday evening in NYC for the AJAX World Expo which will start tomorrow. The flight was one of the more pleasant experiences. Emirates, who flies directly from Hamburg to NYC, really does a good job when it comes to service, food, etc. The on-board entertainment system was also the best I have seen so far. I’ve been playing Mahjongg for the first time in years again so the time went by quite quickly 🙂

The hotel which we are staying at in the middle of Manhatten is nice too. But it’s rather cold here esp. compared to the temperatures we had already in Europe.

Earlier today we already checked out the conference location and probably not much will happen today anymore. Jetlag isn’t too bad (ok, I was up at 4:00am already 🙂 so we will be fit and ready tomorrow to man our booth and take back a lot of valuable feedback and ideas (and leads of course 🙂

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