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Automatically create and update JIRA tickets based on Squish test results

Squish can be used for creating and updating JIRA tickets in response to fails and errors of nightly scheduled test runs automatically.

It is possible to give an automated build test its own corresponding JIRA ticket.  These tickets can be assigned automatically to specific people, based on latest errors or changes which happened. In addition, overall statistics for the entire test suite’s life-cycle is available.

Activity Stream of an 'xml2jira' autogenerated JIRA ticketFor integrating test results into your work-flow, the xml2jira command (part of the Squish command line tool-set) can be used for linking a test suite’s daily results “directly” to some corresponding ticket within your JIRA system. We place “directly” in air-quotes here because no “real” references need to exist between the build job and the corresponding JIRA ticket at all.

Instead, this link would consist of some configurations made to the build-job’s schedule to make it do an automated call to Squish’s xml2jira command when finished. This will update the JIRA ticket, which now would “mirror” any of the test’s results.






For getting this realized, only  one additional step needs to be added to build jobs within your scheduling system.  This added build step will then pass all results the job has collected, in an XML file, to the xml2jira command line tool.



xml2jira will parse the results and create requests to the JIRA server, instructing it to create, update or reassign corresponding tickets in its system.

Setup Tips

  • To reduce any confusion which may come up, ideally create a dedicated account for your build automation server, instead of using your own or an already existing account in your JIRA cloud.  Let your build-server then use this account for doing updates on its result-tickets then.
  • Choose some name clearly identifying it as your organization’s test-automation service. Like “SquishTest”, “automated-build-job” or something similar.

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Can i update the status of test in test cycle of JIRA . I dont want to create a new issue there are already tests available in JIRA i want to only update the status is that possible?

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