Code Coverage Case Study: Learn How InnovMetric Software Benefits from Squish Coco

Code Coverage Case Study: Learn How InnovMetric Software Benefits from Squish Coco

InnovMetric Software Inc., the leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions, started to use froglogic’s Code Coverage Tool Squish Coco in 2015. The main objective was to understand how much of their applications’ code is properly tested by their 15,000+ tests. After some time InnovMetric’s engineers concluded: “Coco seemed like a regular code coverage tool at first, but after we started using it, we found some very advanced features.”.

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Reginald Stadlbauer was born in Graz, Austria where he attended high school and then the Technical University of Graz. An interest in computers and programming began when Reginald started with BASIC programming, before moving on to Pascal on an ATARI ST where he became interested in GUI programming. He started working with C++ and Qt® after he joined the "KDE" team in the summer of 1997 – he worked on KWord, and developed the initial version of KPresenter. Reginald started working for Trolltech® AS as a software engineer, in the summer of 1999. During his four years at Trolltech, Reginald worked on several major projects, spending most of his time doing development, but also doing release management and training and mentoring other developers. He was a software architect and the lead developer for the Qt Designer GUI builder, he was one of the architects of Trolltech's Qt/Desktop product, he led the development of Qt's complex widgets, and he was also part of the architecture and implementation team for QSA - Qt Script for Applications. Reginald co-founded froglogic in 2003.


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