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Getting prepared for AjaxWorld Expo

Next week we will be in NYC at the AjaxWorld Expo. We finally have all the marketing material put together and printed. So we are ready to go 🙂

It will be the largest show we ever have been to as exhibitor, so it will be exciting. As you can read in our blog posts, we have many new and cool features coming up in Squish 3.2 and 4.0 and it will be great to show-off some of this already.

Besides exhibiting I will also give a talk on automated testing of AJAX applications.

Being at AjaxWorld will also be a great opportunity to finally meet many of the AJAX toolkit vendors in person which we are in contact with constantly. So expect some news about new cooperations regarding better integrations of Squish for Web with the popular AJAX toolkits.

So if you happen to be there as well, make sure to drop by our booth to say hi.


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