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Getting ready

Same procedure as every year: we are preparing everything for our appearance at the Trolltech Developer Days in California and Munich, Germany. This year Frerich will join me for the trip to Redwood City and Rainer will go down to Munich with Reggie.

We’ll be conducting a quiz again. The prize will be a gaming device the winner can take home at the end of day two. Last year’s prime number riddle was way too easy so we made things a bit tougher this time. We decided to challenge the participant’s Qt knowledge a little bit. I say “a little bit” because we’ll use an eased version of the original. The first one didn’t pass internal testing with zero correct answers handed in.

As we are already travelling through the Bay Area we’ll use the opportunity to visit some of our customers on site to gather some feedback, demo new features and provide help. It’s nice to be able to get from one customer to another with only a few minutes car ride between. Frerich insisted on renting a Hummer for this purpose but I feared bad press giving the UN climate change convention that is taking place in New York right now.

Please drop by at our “booth”, say hello, take part in the quiz and grab one of those ultra-sweet gummi frogs we’ll have with us.

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