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Hamburg's KDE4 Release Party

Last friday a few fellow KDE-attached colleagues and me made our way to the KDE4 release party which was held at the mighty fine offices of

Since there wasn’t much time left for Sven to organize the whole thing,  I was (more than) sceptical that there would be an actual party (with lots of people, beer et cetera) taking place. Turned out that I was wrong, very much so. When we arrived at 7:05pm (or something like that – the party was scheduled for 7pm) two nice ladies were waiting downstairs and crossing names out of a list. I didn’t know that we had to sign up for the party! Luckily, it seemed that Harri sent them our names, so one of the two ladies led us via the elevator to the party area. 

Amazingly, the room was already quite full when we arrived there. I would say there were about 30 people at the time we arrived and at the peak of the party there were about 50. I was pleasantly surprised! The people have a nice flat-screen display embedded into the wall of their cafeteria so we were able to view the live feed from Mountain View all the time. However, it was virtually impossible to understand anything which any of the speakers said simply because it was quite noisy in the office. I can’t say I missed the sound of the live stream very much, given that it can be viewed on youtube later (so I’ve been told).

All in an it was a very nice success, showing that one can certainly pull such OSS parties off in the HH area.


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