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Keyword driven test

I will today abuse this blog to publish some work without having to write documentation for it.

While demonstrating Squish in web demos and at conferences I often get asked about keyword driven testing. Due to the powerful scripting features of Squish, this is quite easy to do with Squish. Now that I created such an example for a customer demo later this week, I thought I’d publish the perpared test so you can have a look at how simple it is to do a keyword driven test in Squish.

You can download the test suite from here. It contains three tests and some shared script files.

The first test case is the test script with hardcoded data but already abstracted into several functions (which will later serve as keywords).

The second test cases is the same but in a data driven fashion by using an external data file.

The third test shows how to turn that into a keyword driven test where the test steps and data comes from a data table and the script (keyword_driver.js) is completely generic.

So far there is not much documentation available for that but the tests and shared scripts are quite self explainatory.

Maybe we get around to create a nice tutorial out of that for Squish 3.4.

BTW: The test is for a standard Java RCP application which you can download from


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