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KMail talking ManageSieve

My favourite IMAP server Archiveopteryx gained Sieve support with version 1.16 that came out last month. Apart from a few small harmless glitches it worked out of the box which finally means the end of client-side e-mail filtering for me. But it took Frerich less than a minute to discover that KMail’s support for managing the rule files did not want to work with the new server component.

After some debugging I discovered that the KIO slave did not even get past the authentication stage. The guys of Oryx were quick to fix the behavior of the STARTTLS and AUTHENTICATE commands but we are still stuck with kio_sieve not accepting the response of a CRAM-MD5 authentication attempt. It wants a {number+}crlf *octet literal but the server simply sends a “….” quoted string.

The server behavior is fine according to the standard draft and before I file a wish to change the behavior to a KMail-friendly one I’ll try to implement the missing part in the KDE client. Might help other users with other servers in the future, too. Guess that the ManageSieve support was never tested with anything but the Cyrus server…


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