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Live from the AJAX World

The first day of AJAX World is over and we are now starting into the next day of the conference. After setting up or booth yesterday started rather slow. But people were still arriving until after lunch so that’s ok.

So it was a good time to get to know the other exhibitors and sponsors and see what they are doing. Got to know many of the people behind several of the AJAX frameworks which we support and which we want to support in the future.

After lunch the conference attendees started finding their way to the expo floor and we had plenty to do at our booth. We showed off Squish quite a lot, esp. during the reception after the day at the expo floor many interested people came to talk to us. Having set up a video projector at the both constantly showing a video of “Squish in Actions” certainly worked well.

So let’s hope it will be a busy days today again.

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