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Local Free Software Community meeting

On Saturday the non-profit association had organized the meanwhile second meeting of the Free Software community in our home town Hamburg. This time the organizers Sven Reumann and Ozder Abdurrachman had invited into the trading hall of the former coffee exchange in Hamburg’s harbor area. Some pictures can be found here.

The event was well attended and almost 30 users groups and projects presented their agenda, work in progress and meeting details. Among them were representatives from Open Streep Map, Ruby on Rails, OpenSolaris, Chaos Computer Club, working groups of local universities and Scribus. The sidux project handed out freshly burnt CDs of their distribution based on Debian unstable featuring KDE 4.2. Being invited for a short address in our function as a company sponsor I used the opportunity to call for all local KDE developers to come forward and unite. Everyone I got to talk to afterwards had reverted to version 3.5 though and currently wasn’t in the mood for any experiments. 🙂

Everyone sitting through the presentation marathon was rewarded with a buffet and drinks being served afterwards. A good opportunity to network with members of other groups. The presentations were taped on video as well as recorded by makers of NerdAlert – a show aired by the free local radio station FSK who also conducted individual interviews. So one can expect some online and on-air coverage appearing in the next days.


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