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I am long-time vim user. For some years I also use a Mac. Last year I discovered the MacVim project. This is a Cocoa based GUI to vim (so far there was only gvim on the Mac, a Carbon based GUI).

The Carbon gvim is not that great so I sticked to the console vim version. But with the new MacVim, I now have a GUI vim that not only looks much better but also has additional features:

  • It has a fullscreen mode.
  • Vim’s tab feature uses real tabs instead of ASCII-art tabs.
  • There is an ODB input manager that adds an “Edit in MacVim” menu entry to all applications.

There are probably other things, but those are the three I really like. With the “Edit in MacVim” feature, I can now easily write my mails from Apple Mail in vim. Unfortunately, the feature does not work for me in Camino.

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