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We met Squish users in Poland for “UI Behavior Driven Testing” workshop

On Wednesday, 22 February 2017, our Squish experts Tomasz Pawlowski and Jakub Topolski conducted a “Squish in Action: UI Behavior Driven Testing” one-day workshop. We met with 16 participants in the beautiful city of Gdansk (Poland).

Shortly after 9am we started with a decent theoretical introduction to Behavior Driven Development. After that, we split up the participants into 4 groups with a task to create BDD Scenarios in the Gherkin language.

The participants then were introduce to the Squish GUI Tester to start automating those Scenarios.

In the meantime we had Pizza giving us some time to relax and do some networking.

After the break, we presented how to implement each Scenario giving our participants some time to practice the same with their own Squish installation.

While doing that we demonstrated how to interact with objects, widgets, properties & the API. With Squish’s true object-level access and Behavior Driven Testing principles and practices we were able to develop reliable tests which continue to work as your product evolves. Last but not least, we showed how to perform Visual Verifications and integrate the execution of the automated scenarios in Jenkins.

At the end of the workshop each participant had the complete Feature file automated. We hope that with knowledge and experience gained during a workshop and Squish GUI Tester in hand, it will be much easier to make the Behavior Driven Development methodology and techniques a part of software development process.

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