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Moving to new location

After three years in froglogic’s office space it’s time to move on. We’ve outgrown this place after the last hires. Last year we already had to give up on the idea of having a dedicated room for a test lab. The machines got spread out to other rooms. Then, the library room with its sofa had to go. Foosball games were played in the meeting room thereafter which caused quite some scheduling conflicts between work and leisure. This was our third office space. Hard to imagine that we held a KDE quality meeting in the previous one.

When the hiring pipeline and growth projection resulted in 3 people ending up in a single room we started to look for a new space. The choice was quite big and real estate agents were bombarding us with often duplicated offers. Confronted with that freedom we started to become rather picky and filtered out the offers rather generously. Even if the space itself was shiny we discarded all places that did not have sufficient infrastructure around them, lacked nearby public transport or simply meant bigger changes in anyone’s journey to work. Quite some lazy folks we have become! Quickly the big choice collapsed to two almost neighboring places. After some back and forth between the respective interior designers we went for the one that did have so many pillars in the way. Just a few hundred meters away from here in “Gasstraße 18” which is reminiscent of the gas plant that was operating here about 100 years ago.

The building we’ll move to reminds me a bit about the old Trolltech offices in Oslo where I enjoyed my life from 2000 to 2003. Old industry style building. From the inside, however, we’ll get a very modern black/white contrast style office with a lot of glass. Expect some people to bang their heads and noses against the doors and walls. Cries for inviting people to a house warming party, KDE sprints, more meetings and – most importantly – new developers that can now apply for jobs again! The new conference room table – as big as a small sailing boat – asks to be used and covered with pizza boxes!

The refurbishing of the interior is still going on. The new electric network was only activated today. And after the usual trouble with sub-contractors of Deutsche Telekom we even seem to have a working phone line. The SDSL Internet connection is still untested and besides that a lot of things are waiting to wrong: hardware breaking during transport, long running and forgotten network services not starting up anymore, Telekom deactivating our Internet connection when switching the phone line, etc. So please excuse possibly delayed answers from us during our move which will start on Saturday and hopefully come to an end on Monday at around noon.


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