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New office and the pains of moving

Now that we have been in our new office for nearly 4 weeks we are finally sattled enough to find some time to write about it. In the last week of July we moved to nice and new offices. Due to our steady growth it got a bit too crowded in our old offices, so in spring we decided to move.

Since we moved into a new building we could get our offices set up exactly the way we wanted regarding room layout and interior. Basically we have 2-people offices for all developers since this turns out to be the most productive setup. The only exception are Harri and myself since we are on the phone a lot and it would be too disturbing sharing an office with somebody.

Since we have plenty of space (which hopefully will be filled soon – we are looking for software engineers!) we now have a nice library with a table football (foosball for the Americans 🙂 set up. It’s amazing how all of us are improving our “kicker” skills 🙂

So all in all, we are really happy in our new office space. Photos will follow soon.

But now the pains: Surprisingly the move itself was rather smooth. But our telecom and internet provide screwed up biiiiiiiiig time. Our connection was supposed to get connected on July 30th. But they actually managed to not find our office building twice! You really must be blind or too stupid to read a map to not find it. Finally, after nearly two weeks we got the internet and phone connection.

The worst part is the incredibly bad customer service and that you just cannot do anything about it and are stuck in the annoying hotline.

So we really had to improvise a lot to get on-line in the first two weeks. I don’t even want to imagine what our customers would have said if we’d be off-line for a day 🙂

To get to an end: Now all is set up and working well and we enjoy our new and productive environment 🙂

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