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Plasmoids everywhere

KDE 4 is all about clocks. As I did not want to miss them while browsing the Net I sat down and extended Frerich’s Plasmoid Viewer code (a Workspace utility) to not only be a standalone program but also come along as a KPart. It can be embedded into an Konqueror HTML page with a simple element like this one:

<object id="myclock" type="application/x-plasma" classid="plasmoid:clock" height=200 width=300></object>

The patch – which was surprisingly small – can be found here. Below the obligatory screenshot showing some Plasmoids embedded next to an iframed search engine. The applet that locks the desktop locked it so well on testing that I had to kill the process from a console 🙂

Search engine + Plasmoids



Very cool stuff. Do you know who I can contact about clock theming? I’ve been making some themes for StyleClock and I’d like to start working on Plasmoid stuff eventually.

Lee: security is indeed a topic that needs to be addressed before I check this in anywhere. But it’ll be two line statement only. Instead of trying to fabricate a fine-grained but fragile system I think it’s easiest to simply leave the whole thing turned off unless an explicit KAuthorized setting turns it on.

Very cool! I’d be worried about the security implications if there’s any way to script those things from a page (including just sending input events to the page). Also, you’d lose a lot of configureability, if not load things configured in unexpected ways by the user. But these are minor nitpicks, which aren’t relevant at this stage. The idea itself, and progress so far is just great 🙂

Marc: the easiest way it to go into the #plasma chanel on freenode.
Just go there and with some luck one of the main developers is there, and i’m sure they will welcome your help.

Impressing, but my first thoughts were about the risk of plasmoid missuses. that could be used by websites…

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