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Programmer's beverage

Most programmers have a favorite beverage they like and need for programming. For some it is coffee and for others it is some cola brand. I was never one of these: I always preferred tea over coffee (and I know quite a bunch who prefer tea as well).

Here at froglogic’s office, people really like Bionade. I never liked it. But luckily our supplier recently ran out of it and it was not available when Harri was doing his order. So he tried something new: Club-Mate

The correct pronounciation of it seems to be the “German” way, i.e. [ˈklup ˈmaË?tə] and not the English way [‘klʌb meɪt]. The reason is that Mate has nothing to do with English word for a friend, but with the South American mate tea. And Club-Mate is basically an ice-tea variant made of mate tea.

Well, to make a long story short: I am now addicted to this stuff. The first sip I did was awful, but after finishing the first bottle I reluctantly tried a second one. And after that, I started to really enjoy it. This seems to be quite common: somewhere on the web I read that it is like starting to smoke — nobody enyojed the first cigarette either. (But the good thing of Club-Mate seems to be that it is rather healthy, contrary to cigarettes.)

The good thing is that only Harri and me got around the first sip and nobody else in the office is enjoying it. So we don’t run out of it that often. But just now I am drinking the last bottle, hoping that Harri placed an order for more.

Oh, I just notice that my build finished. So back to work for me. And what is your favorite beverage for programming?

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Water – just water 🙂

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