Here at QASource, our 700+ engineers work with a variety of tools daily to test various software applications in diverse industries for different businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. So it’s safe to say we’ve seen our fair share of software testing tools.

Today’s trends in automated testing have most engineers looking for open-source and commercial tools that support GUI automation for a variety of technologies. So when it comes to finding the right tool for automating application test cases for such a broad technology spectrum, choices can be slim.

But Squish changes that. It is now one of the single most popular tools for automated GUI regression testing. In addition to the robust cross-platform support, it provides a handy toolkit for automating web, embedded, desktop, and mobile applications—all in one place, without having to resort to a handful of different tools.

This versatility is what our QA engineers like most about Squish, in addition to these other benefits:

  1. Data- and Behavior-Driven testing. Automation teams are shifting their focus toward Data- and Behavior-Driven testing, and Squish supports a variety of data sources and is 100% compatible with the Gherkin language.
  2. Support for popular scripting languages. Squish supports JavaScript, Python, Perl, Ruby and Tcl for script authoring, allowing QA personnel to use a familiar language when writing test scripts. What’s more, these languages are vastly more expressive than trees or lists of steps, and offer the advantage of reuse of a large ecosystem of existing, built-in modules. 
  3. Visual Verification.  Squish provides support for hybrid verification using their algorithm to verify combinations of object properties along with screenshot verification. This helps to reduce false positives and allows for quick troubleshooting.
  4. Image-based testing. There are cases where Object-based recognition is not suitable due to unsupported toolkits or custom UI controls. Squish provides robust Image-based recognition methods to handle such applications. Some of these features include a per-pixel tolerance, image cross-correlation and Fuzzy Image search.
  5. Distributed Batch Execution. QA teams commonly run test suites on multiple workstations for faster execution. Squish supports distributed batch execution to help QA teams finish testing with better efficiency.  
  6. Integrated Development Environment. Squish offers its own powerful, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which allows teams to write and debug their test scripts smoothly.
  7. Extensive integration. Squish pairs with various Continuous Integration (CI) tools like Jenkins, so batches can be scheduled from anywhere. It also integrates with other top tools like Ant and Maven.
  8. Record and playback easily. New users can easily record the script for their application and convert it into code in a supported language.
  9. Helpful customer support. An active, responsive and efficient customer support team helps resolve any questions and address customization requirements during testing.

Testing Windows, web, embedded, or mobile applications? Squish can help. froglogic offers customizable packages based on your testing needs, whether it be a combo package for Windows and Qt or Windows and web, or other. It also allows you to switch between all of these application types to automate your end-to-end test scenarios.

Squish provides plenty of automation power for teams looking to test applications across multiple platforms, allowing work to get done faster and engineers to have clearer insight into reporting. Plus, the ability to contact a responsive, knowledgeable support team is a huge bonus!
We have a lot of experience with automated testing tools, and we feel confident in recommending Squish for your automated testing needs. If you’re looking for a team to deliver test automation services, we may be able to help. We’d love to learn more about your current testing project, and you can find us at

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