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Return from Akademy – any trustful airline left?

It was nice to have attended Akademy again. Everything was well organized and the talks were interesting or entertaining. Or both. Particularly the improvised KDevelop presentation managed to impress.

Tampere was also a good venue. Big enough to offer a variety of place to stay, eat and hang around. But not too big as everything was still in walking distance. The Finnish people also showed their strong side of being gentle during the day and party professionals at night. One exemplary experience: while laying in a park on the “day after” some guy who apparently had too much to drink heavily throws up under a tree. As if nothing happens he opens a can of beer, lights a cigarette and walks away.

The only not so nice thing was the trip home: I had been heavily suffering from delayed baggage on several international trips during the last months. Up to a point where people around me started to switch from pity to amusement. Arrived at Helsinki airport one convenient hour before departure. More than enough time for a passenger to get on the plane. Apparently not for luggage. It arrived two days later. Granted, unlike being hit by this on the trip out it’s rather harmless at home. But I was sad about the tasty Finnish bread I imported (illegally?) being rock solid. And annoyed about the temporary shavers I bought emitting Aloe Vera and vitamin E but cutting my face until I looked like a victim in a horror movie.

Why oh why do airlines manage to screw up luggage transport so much? With all those computerized systems in place. Or because of the computers? I had long added Heathrow and Amsterdam on the list of airports to avoid. But Helsinki? I cannot help but feeling that airports accept way more traffic than they should do in order to get the fees by airlines. Airlines follow and accept too ambitious connection plans. Accepting a certain percentage of people and luggage missing their connections.

Advise for those returning from Akademy: get to the airport early. It’s not such a monster but relative to its size it’s absolutely overcrowded with people going on vacation.



I put all my stuff in my carry-on baggage whenever I can. I don’t know how well that would work for international flights, though.

It took me 15 minutes to walk from the Coffee Spoon cafe to my gate! It’s a good job I had allowed plenty of time. Still, I flew Finnair. Their planes are not very big, but everything seems to run extremely smoothly.

We were lucky. Maybe you have acquired some bad karma? 😉

there’s a reason they tell you to arrive 2 hours early for international flights… and the airlines themselves haven’t got much to do with lost luggage – baggage handling/sorting is done by the airport’s systems and people in most cases.

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