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Returned from Redwood City

We returned from the first of two Trolltech Developer Day’s events on Friday evening. There surely are many theories on how to best fight the jet lag but I dediced to simply do what my body asked for and gave in on any of the sudden urges to sleep that attacked me over the weekend.

London Heathrow airport was less crowded than during the summer but waiting lines were still long enough to be annoying and shortage of ground crew caused delays on take-off. I find it very much irresponsible of both airlines and airports to schedule more flights via a hub that it can obviously handle. Will try even harder next time to avoid this route.

The Silicon Valley stay itself was very much worth it. Met with several existing customers and prospects on their premises and at the conference. The exhibition area was well positioned with respect to the talks, meals and fresh air enabling an effective still relaxed contact with attendees. Our Qt programming quiz turned out to be more challenging than intended. The winner of the Nintendo DS Lite game console was drawn out of only five partipants that got it right!

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