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Squish Coco Webinar Questions & Answers

Thank you to those who were able to attend the Squish Coco webinar today. Please find a summary of some of the questions (and answers) from the webinar below. Email additional questions to

  • Question: Is the Microsoft Visual Studio AddIn working with VisualStudio 2013?

Yes, Squish Coco’s Microsoft Visual Studio Add-In supports Visual Studio 2013, and as far back as Visual Studio 2005. Learn more.

  • Question: We are working with Googletest and Squish GUI-Tester. How we get the test status and execution name into the squish coco coverage report in a CI environment?

The following knowledgebase article describes how to include Squish GUI Tester information in your Squish Coco coverage reports: Article – Integrating Squish GUI Tester with Squish Coco

Learn more about using Googletest with Squish Coco

  • Question: How does the monitoring affect the performance of the application under test?

A small impact does exist. An instrumented application can be 60% to 90% larger, and run 10% to 30% slower. More detail, including benchmark statistics.

  • Question: Can you do remote code coverage (ie analyze a code that is running on a remote embedded target), and what does this require (specific binaries…)?

Yes, Squish Coco separates the coverage data creation from the analysis, enabling users performing cross-compilation to host the compiler on a separate platform. Read more and see a detailed example.

  • Question: Can Squish Coco integrate with Jenkins?

Yes, Squish Coco commands can be included as Build Steps in the Jenkins build process. Include single commands in build steps, or a batch file containing multiple commands. Using cmreport you can generate an HTML report, and if you include a post-build action to include an Emma Coverage Report, then the report will also become visible from Jenkins.

Remember to check out where you can request an evaluation and view our library of resources, including recorded webinars.

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