On October 23rd, another successful ‘Squish Day’ took place with more than twenty-five people joining us in the lovely Quy Mill Hotel & Spa, Cambridge.


During a full day filled with talks, presentations, and plenty of opportunities to network, the participants learned from our experts Frerich Raabe and Reginald Stadlbauer about how to get the most out of the Squish GUI Tester and the Squish Coco code coverage tool. Many interesting discussions arose from questions asked during the demos.


The day concluded with demonstrations of various work-in-progress projects, showcasing our work on powerful features such as

* optical character recognition

* dedicated support for Qt3D scenes

* in-depth test report analysis via the upcoming ‘Squish Central’ product.


The feedback we received was excellent and everyone expressed interest in attending further Squish Days with more opportunities to talk to us face to face.


We are very much looking forward to the next Squish Day, taking place on November 13 in Stockholm.

Register here for the Squish Day in Stockholm.

See you there!

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