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Squish for Mac Testing with Carbon Support

When we pre-announced Squish for native Mac OS X testing, maybe half of the people being interested in it, were developing with Carbon. At that time we had Carbon on our todo list, but nothing was implemented yet, since we believed that Cocoa was the more popular toolkit.

It seems that we were wrong. So we decided to give Carbon support a higher priority and I started working on it. The work on it progressed smoothly and after implementing the object model for Carbon (based on the HIObject/HIView classes), I was soon able to record simple mouse clicks. Today I finished the replaying of mouse clicks.

So now, it is possible to record and play back the first tests for Carbon applications. Much is left to do, though (the object model is very basic, recording of other events than mouse clicks, etc.); but still, we reached a point that shows that there are no unsolvable technical obstactles left — what’s left is just to implement the missing features.

One of the nice things Apple did, was to make it easy to mix Carbon and Cocoa into one application. So we don’t need separate wrappers for Carbon and Cocoa; and the tester does not have to specify what toolkit the application uses. The same binary just works for Carbon-only, Cocoa-only and mixed-Carbon-Cocoa applications (it works for both, Carbon-in-Cocoa and Cocoa-in-Carbon).

But now I have to go back to do some hacking, so that you can get your hands on this soon.

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