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Squish tip of the week: Breakpoints View

Usually, breakpoints are good for debugging or extending an existing test case with further actions. However, what if you want to run several test cases or a test suite with breakpoints or want to disable certain breakpoints in specific test cases?

Sure, you could do this by opening every single test case and selecting or deselecting breakpoints. But wait, there is a more convenient way of doing this and to see, skip or remove breakpoints in bulk.

How to open the Breakpoints View

There are two ways to open the Breakpoints View in Squish.

1. Squish Menu > Window > Show View > Other > Type “breakpoint” > Press OK or “Enter”.

2. Press Shift+Alt+Q and then “B”. (This is a so-called Show View action)

Both ways, the Breakpoints tab will appear near the test result area showing a list of the currently set breakpoints.

Squish Breakpoints View

To enable or disable specific breakpoints select or deselect the checkbox next to each test case. With a double click at one breakpoint, the test case will open, and the line with breakpoint will be selected.

Furthermore, you can delete or skip breakpoints with the Breakpoint View toolbar buttons.

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