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Squish tip of the week: Building a script toolbox

A different twist on the tip this week. We want to hear from you!

What are your most value added ‘toolbox’ scripts?

Implementing an automated test framework with re-usability in mind saves time down the road, especially when it comes to script maintenance. Each application should have a toolbox of re-usable scripts.

I’ll get the list started:

  • Application login – checking for and handling login status, existing username and verifying successful login status
  • Invoke Menu – with two parameters, selects menu combinations

What have you found to be your most valuable toolbox scripts?
Add your ideas and comments!

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Most useful ‘toolbox’ functions.
Qt Specific:
* get sibling value from data model. You have a control modeled on a qAbstractItemView and want to verify the data that is in the next column from the selected item. Accesses the data model and finds the appropriate value from the given column.
* data model verification – takes a qAbstractItemView and verifies (selected) columns/rows against reference data in .tsv

* put file and rename – same as testData.put() but renames the file.
* hierarchical test verification points – uses current AUT information to work out which verification point to use against that AUT. Allows different verification points on different platforms. Implement VP hierarchy so you can have as specific or general VPs as necessay (e.g. maybe in some cases Windows x86 and Windows x64 need different screenshots, but in most cases are the same).
* file verification with regular expression filtering – diffs test output file against reference file with a (list of) regular expressions to filter out unnecessary details (e.g. if a log file contains username or timestamp information)

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