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Squish tip of the week: Create tests against a remote environment

Your batch runs, or scheduled automated test executions can run remotely without question. But did you know you can also develop and manage tests remotely?

With the Squish Server running on the remote environment, the Squish IDE can create and execute tests remotely (you still need the ability to control the remote AUT, via remote desktop, vnc, direct access to the system, etc.)

Three simple steps:
  1. Indicate what incoming IP addresses to allow by modifying the squishserverrc file on the remote machine.
  2. Start the Squish Server on the remote machine to listen for incoming requests
  3. Point the Squish IDE to the remote machine’s IP address and port from Edit > Preferences (Mac: Squish > Preferences) > Squish > Remote Testing


Wonder why this is helpful?

I work for example from approximately a dozen different virtual machine configurations. Instead of using the Squish IDE from within each configuration, I can simply start the squish server when using the environment, and continue working from the IDE on my desktop. I interact with the AUT from within the virtual environment when recording or inspecting objects, but all other interaction takes place from the Squish IDE on my desktop.

What other scenarios can you think of where this would be applicable?

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