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Squish tip of the week: How to Automate a Modern UI Windows Store App

Did you know that Squish supports automating Modern UI/Windows Store apps (also called Metro applications) when used on the Windows desktop*?

If an application offers information about its GUI objects via UI Automation, it is possible to automate the application with Squish and the supported Microsoft’s UI Automation API.

How to inspect an Application or GUI Control for UI Automation Support

With the Microsoft Inspect tool (direct download) it is possible to check whether an application (or a particular GUI control in an application) exposes/supports UI Automation.

An example with the Family.Show App:
Family.Show Windows AppInspect highlights the currently focused control

The desired control shows the information in Inspect that is available for this control via the UI Automation.

Inspect Family.Show

Click image to enlarge

What matters is whether Inspect manages to recognize the individual object (list node, button, tree node, etc.), because if it does, Squish for Windows should also be able to identify that particular object via its UI Automation extension.

For more information and how to hook into the AppContainer can be found at Automating a Modern UI, Windows Store App with Squish.

*Not the tablet mode.

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