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Squish tip of the week: How to describe your automated tests

While working on automating test cases, it is important to describe them well. After some time, the number of automated test cases can be enormous. Giving your test suites and test cases self-explaining and meaningful names can help in the future when you try to find a particular test case among hundreds you already automated.

How to provide an additional description of a test case?

Your test cases are scripted programs written in one of scripting languages supported by Squish (Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, Tcl). Therefore, at the beginning of each test case you can always have a comment section with a description. Unfortunately, this description will not be included in test case execution results.

The best solution is to use description functionality provided by Squish IDE.

1. In the IDE View with Test Results click “Test Description” tab

2. Click “Edit Test Description” icon

Edit  Test Description

3. Provide a short Summary and Description for test suite and test cases. Save the changes.

Provide Summary and Description

Where to find the summary and description after implementation?

1. In the IDE View with Test Results in “Test Description” tab

2. In the IDE View with test cases hovering over test case name will display a popup with test case summary

Summary popup

3. In the Web Report with execution results. To display the popup with both summary and description hover over test case name or test suite name.

Web Report

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