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Squish tip of the week: How to enable Code Completion for Shared Scripts (python)

Did you know by simply enabling a few Eclipse PyDev settings, and including an import statement in your Test Case the code completion also displays any functions defined in your Test Suite Resource scripts?

Adjust Code Completion Settings

  1. With a Squish Test Suite open, select Edit (or Squish IDE) > Preferences
  2. Expand PyDev > Editor and then select Code Completion
  3. Check the three Request Completion on… options
  4. Click OK

Tell your Test Suite where to find the Test Suite Resource scripts

  1. Click Window > Show View… > Other
  2. Expand PyDev and select PyDev Package Explorer
  3. From the PyDev Package Explorer, right click the currently active Test Suite and select Properties
  4. Select PyDev – PYTHONPATH
  5. Click Add Source Folder
  6. Expand the Test Suite > Test Suite Name > shared, and select scripts (if you do not have any Test Suite Resource Scripts this folder may not exist)
  7. Click Force restore internal info
  8. Click OK, and click OK again on the Properties window

Now you are ready to begin using the code completion in your Test Suite!

Given a Test Suite Resource script, create a new or open an existing Test Case and add the following:

if 0: from import *

def main():

With a function within your script file in mind, begin typing the first few characters of the function name as illustrated below:


The code completion is now enabled for general scripting, and Squish is also now aware of any custom functions you create and indicate using the syntax above.

Checkout our video library later this week for a video demonstration working with code completion.

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