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Squish tip of the week: How to Optimize your Smoke Test Suite

Large or growing automated GUI test suite? Need to pin-point key tests for smoke testing?

With each sprint, well-suited smoke tests can go a long way to ensure critical application areas are tested.

What if you could generate a report by simply executing your entire test suite, which revealed an optimal execution order for your tests? Which tests covered the most ground, and which added little or duplicate value?

What’s stopping you? You can generate an Optimized Execution Order report using Squish Coco by simply executing your Squish test suite.

Here’s how:
  1. Using Squish Coco, create an instrumented executable of your application
  2. Execute each test in your Squish test suite using the instrumented executable
  3. Load each Squish Coco execution report in the CoverageBrowser
  4. Select Tools > Optimized Execution Order

The analysis reveals the optimal execution order as well as the percent of application coverage by test:

Sample Optimized Execution Order Report

Learn more:


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