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Squish tip of the week: How to Record after a Breakpoint

In some cases it is necessary to extend an existing test case with further actions. However, it would be tedious to have to re-record the entire test from scratch. For example just to click an additional icon or button in the test.

One solution it to edit the test script and add a few lines with the additional actions that are required. However, sometimes it is more convenient to simply record the extra actions at the point in the script where they are required.

Recording within an existing test is possible by placing a breakpoint in an existing test script at the point where the newly recorded actions should be inserted. Once the breakpoint is in place, execute the test which will then stop running as soon as the breakpoint is reached.

Now click Run > Record Snippet, which will make Squish start recording on the running AUT.

Squish Control Bar Stop Recording

Interact with the AUT to perform the new actions and, once you have finished, click the Stop Recording button in the control bar window to end the recording.

Back in the Squish IDE click the Terminate toolbar button (Ctrl+F2) and the newly recorded actions will be visible at the breakpoint.

Disable the breakpoint and run the script again which will execute with the additional actions.

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