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Squish tip of the week: Object Not Found Dialog

Squish Dialog: Object Not Found

When does the Object Not Found Dialog appear?

The object not found dialog automatically shows up during the execution of tests in the Squish IDE if a “waitForObject” command runs into a specified (or default) timeout. Furthermore, the dialog will show the error message generated for the lookup error and the object name for which the lookup was executed.

How can I solve the Object Not Found Dialog?

The tester or user can pick from a variety of options to solve the object not found error:

Pick New Object: Picks an object from the AUT to compare that object’s properties against the ones used for the name allowing to verify whether the objects properties have changed and hence caused the lookup error.

Throw Error: Continues the test execution and generates the appropriate error. Letting the execution continue at this point may end the test unless the test script catches the lookup error to recover from this itself.

Debug: Closes the dialog and the corresponding name will be opened in the Object Map Editor / Test Debugging Perspective where further examination of the problem can take place.

The object lookup will be re-executed with the old object name which can be useful to determine if the lookup error is triggered because the object takes longer to become ready than the default timeout. In case the user picked a new object the new object name will be stored under the symbolic name in the object map and the lookup will be performed with that new name.

The checkbox “Do not show this dialog again” can be used together with the “Throw Error” button to indicate that the dialog should not appear on any future lookup errors. The Object Not Found dialog will not be shown anymore until the user re-enables it through the Playback preferences of the Squish IDE.


The Pick New Object button is only available if the object lookup error happened for a symbolic name found in the object map. If the symbolic or real name is assembled inside the test script, this option is disabled as the Squish IDE cannot correctly update the object map.

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