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Squish tip of the week: Update a changed object in the Object Map

Changed Object?   No Problem!

Squish can help you update objects in your Object Map

Here’s How:
    1. Locate the item to update in the Object Map
      1. Manually navigate the Object Map for object
      2. Right-click object’s Symbolic Name in script and select Open Symbolic Name

    1. Start your application using Squish
      1. Click Launch AUT and navigate to the area in your application where the object to update exists
      2. OR set and run to a breakpoint in your script where the object to update exists

    1. Pick the object in the AUT and copy the object’s Real Name
      1. Click the Pick tool in the Application Objects window
      2. When the AUT appears, click the object of interest
      3. When the Application Objects window returns, right-click the highlighted object and select Copy Real Name

  1. Update the Real Name
    1. Return to the Object Map
    2. With the object of interest still highlighted, click Replace Real Name
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Why should this take so many manual steps. This is not an uncommon situation. Since all the data needed is aready in the IDE why can’t the IDE carry out these steps with a single click?

    Valid point. I’m initiating a discussion internally on how we might enhance this. A related, and potentially more comment approach, might be to use the Object Not Found tool, which appears during playback from the IDE when an object cannot be located, and gives you the option to pick the object of interest and retry. Upon retry, the object map entry is also updated with the new object information. Please see this quick video for more information:

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