The new HTML reports in Squish 6.0 make pinpointing failures and drilling down into details much easier.

  • View a collection of reports from one or more test suites or executions
  • Tree-style navigation
  • Filter by Pass / Fail
  • Hide or display logs
  • Tool tip details on mouse over
  • Drill down to a single report
  • Pass percentage automatically calculated
  • Ability to group the pass / fail status of sections in a given test case

Try them out with the ––reportgen html option.


click to zoom


How could i use this Jenkins squish job.


Hello Govind, if you are referring to setting up a Jenkins slave to run Squish tests you can find all relevant information at this page: If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical support team at Regards Elias

How do we achieve:
View a collection of reports from one or more test suites or executions

Alka, the viewing of result collections will be possible soon. We are working on a new kind of result storage that keeps the history of tests. As a result you can view past data including trends of failures and duration. I’ll contact you directly with more details. Others interested in trying out a beta version are invited to drop us a mail at

Hi ,
How i can group data to display Failed Test Id and Failure comments and section with hyperlink on above mentioned any of that table.
what is the configuration to make that visible in HTML reports.

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