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Synchronizing with Backbase Applications


For those of you who use Squish for Web for testing Backbase applications here is a function which you might find useful. It can be used to synchronize on Backbase (BPC’s) loading state. Every time Backbase is loading, this little “loading…” box is displayed. So what the function does is to first wait until the loading box appears and then until it disappears again:

function isBackbaseLoading()
var div = findObject("{tagName='DIV' id='loading'}");
if (isNull(div)) {
return false;
if ("style.display") == "" ||"style.display") == "none") {
return false;
return true;

function synchBackbase()
var ok = waitFor("isBackbaseLoading()", 10000);
if (!ok)
waitFor("! isBackbaseLoading()");

So whenever your test triggers an action after which Backbase is loading and you want the test to wait until loading finished, just call synchBackbase().

Latest in Squish 3.2 we will add a built-in function for that, but this example also shows how easy it is to implement that directly in a test script.


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