Automated GUI tests created with Squish are organized within test suites. The criteria for grouping test cases might differ depending on the company organization, the complexity of the Application Under Test (AUT), or for any other reason.

Squish offers various execution modes from single test execution to tagged executions. Thanks to that, the user is not limited to executing whole test suites but can customize the set of tests executed.

The Squish Jenkins plugin supports these execution modes and provides a few additional features. Below you will find some useful examples that can be applied not only to your Jenkins Freestyle projects but to Jenkins Pipeline jobs as well.

Running Multiple Test Suites

For those cases where multiple test suites should be executed, list them in separate lines in the “Test suites” configuration field:

multiple test suites

Temporarily Excluding a Test Suite

If some of the listed test suites should not be executed, they can be commented out with the # character:

exclude test suite

Running All Test Suites from a Given Location

Instead of providing a path to a single test suite directory, use a path to the parent directory and add “/*” or “\*” at the end. The test suite directory names should start with the suite_ prefix:

Running Only Selected Test Cases

To execute only certain test cases from a test suite, list the test case names in the Test cases configuration field. Test cases should be separated with a whitespace:

Skipping Selected Test Cases

To execute all but certain test cases from a test suite, list the test cases to skip in the Test cases configuration field and check the Skip test cases option. Test cases should be separated with a whitespace:

Tagged Execution

We often recommend tagging test cases. This not only adds useful meta information to your tests, but allows selecting and executing single test cases from multiple test suites and locations. To learn how to tag your test cases, we recommend visiting this article. The tagged execution can be accomplished with the Extra options field.

The --tags option can be used multiple times in different configurations. For more details, we recommend getting familiar with this table.


Continuous automation using the Jenkins CI server helps streamline your automated GUI testing workflow. The Squish Jenkins plugin offers custom execution modes so that you can run only the tests required at a given time. Want to get started using Jenkins to launch your Squish tests? Visit our step-by-step guide.

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