With the release of the Script-based Object Map, we also added some syntax highlighting options to the Squish IDE. As references to the Script-based Object Map will make up a big part of your test scripts, it’s important to be able to see at first glance which scripted object names are involved. The improved readability of the new highlighting options should therefore also increase the maintainability of your UI automation test scripts.

The following image shows the default way a basic JavaScript test case is displayed within the Squish IDE.

Example of default highlighting options

The next image is an example of the added highlighting options.

Example of new highlighting options

JavaScript Highlighting Options

As you can see, the added highlighting options improve the readability significantly. For JavaScript, you can find the new highlighting options at:

Edit ⭢ Preferences ⭢ JavaScript ⭢ Editor ⭢ Syntax Coloring ⭢ Identifier
JavaScript highlighting options menu

In this menu, you can edit both the Properties and Variables highlighting options to your liking.

Python Highlighting Options

For Python, you can find the new highlighting options at:

 Edit ⭢ Preferences ⭢ PyDev ⭢ Editor 
Python highlighting options menu
Added Python Highlighting Options

Since PyDev provides more limited information about the processed source code, the variables and property locations are only approximated. The resulting highlighting is nonetheless very comparable to its JavaScript counterpart.

Perl Highlighting Options

For Perl, we didn’t need to make any changes as it already supports highlighting variables. You can find the Perl highlighting options at:

 Edit ⭢ Preferences ⭢ Perl ⭢ Editor ⭢ Syntax ⭢ Variable

Tcl Highlighting Options

Tcl also has existing support for highlighting variables. You can find the Tcl highlighting options at:

 Edit ⭢ Preferences ⭢ Tcl ⭢ Editor ⭢ Syntax Coloring ⭢ Core ⭢ Variables 

Ruby Highlighting Options

While Ruby also has many highlighting options, none really fit the needs of the Script-based Object Map. We hope to be able to provide better highlighting options for Ruby in the future. You can find the Ruby highlighting options at:

 Edit ⭢ Preferences ⭢ Ruby ⭢ Editor ⭢ Syntax Coloring

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