We understand that more and more applications require a complex, powerful infrastructure that not always can be provided in-house. In such cases, cloud-based solutions for building and running applications are often selected. Azure Services is one such solution.

Automated GUI tests developed with the Squish GUI Tester can be easily executed with Azure DevOps on Azure Virtual Machines.

As it is required for the Squish test to be executed successfully, a Virtual Machine should provide some kind of display (e.g., by the active RDP connection).

Once the test environment is ready, the Azure DevOps can be used to configure, schedule and execute Squish tests. Just add a command line task to the Pipeline, and fill it with a script you would use during command line execution.

For the execution, a proper Squish package should be installed on the target environment. It can be done in advance by launching a Squish installer on the Virtual Machine or by performing the unattended installation as a part of the defined DevOps Pipeline.

The execution can be started manually or automatically by the trigger defined in the Pipeline.

After the execution, generated JUnit reports can be published and reviewed directly from the DevOps pages. Squish HTML reports can be archived, e.g., on the DevOps Shared Storage

To get more information on that and to get familiar with the example configuration that can be used to integrate Squish and Azure, we encourage you to check our documentation.

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Is there a training available for developers to learn the Squish and work in Azure environment ?

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