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New to 6.5: Simplified Batch Execution of Local Tests

The upcoming Squish 6.5 release introduces a small but helpful improvement for automated execution of local tests. It will allow execution of Squish test suites on the same machine using only a single command line invocation.

An earlier article about Synchronized Batch Execution shows what is currently needed for reliable automated execution of a Squish test suite. The major point that is solved in that article is synchronizing the two main processes needed for a Squish test suite execution, squishserver and squishrunner. The resulting procedure takes several steps to execute a Squish test suite:

  1. Start squishserver
  2. Wait for squishserver to become available
  3. Start squishrunner to execute the Squish test suite
  4. Stop squishserver
  5. Ensure squishserver has shut down completely to avoid conflicts with later test executions

Beginning with Squish 6.5 it is possible to replace these steps with a single one by adding the --local switch to the squishrunner command line call. This switch will instruct squishrunner to start and stop a local squishserver automatically, including the needed synchronization with squishserver as well as configuring the network connection between squishrunner and squishserver automatically. Finally, using --local also ensures that squishserver will only accept local connections which avoids firewall dialogs on some operating systems.

A full command line for executing a Squish test suite on the same machine can look as simple as:

$SQUISH_PREFIX/bin/squishrunner --testsuite "/path/to/suite_test" --local

Additional steps for starting, synchronizing and stopping squishserver are now no longer necessary. For more complex setups, especially when remote-testing across multiple machines is needed, it may still be beneficial to control squishserver and squishrunner separately but the common case of executing tests locally does not need this anymore.

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