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Squish tip of the week: Create cross-platform tests automatically

Did you know cross-platform and cross-browser apps can be automated using the same Squish tests?

Consider for instance a Java or Qt application:
  • The application is cross-platform
  • The application runs on Linux, Mac and Windows, etc.
  • Shouldn’t your test framework also be cross-platform?

How about a Web application?
  • All operating system and browser combinations should be validated.
  • Why not using a single set of automated tests?

Using Squish you can:
  • Create and execute Java or Qt application tests across Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows
  • Create and execute Web application tests across any of the following OS and Browser combinations*:
      • Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows
      • Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera and Mobile devices
  • Create tests that work with the toolkit, its objects and their properties, and do not rely on fuzzy image comparison algorithms.

* Not all browsers may be available on all operating systems (for example Internet Explorer)


Actually, for client tester with cross platform, including mobile platform and PC, it is reasonable for tester to design abnormal scenarios, because you will find any factor, any reason may cause mal-function of the app. It is to say, thinking more is always valuable, regardless whether it is reasonable for conversion.

    Related to Mobile Pundit’s comment, with Squish there is no ‘conversion’ needed between operating systems, because Squish works with each GUI toolkit, and for toolkits which are cross platform or cross browser, that means the objects are from the same toolkit, thus Squish identifies them using the same set of object properties and values.

Are there any configuration which needs to be done , while using squish qt on mac

    Hello Milind.

    You have to configure Squish to use the Qt installation that your AUT uses. In many cases the Qt installation of your AUT is in the AUT package.

    If in doubt, please contact our technical support at for more details.

    With best regards

    Clemens Anhuth

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