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Upcoming Feature: Squish TestRail Integration

If your team is working with many different testing frameworks, you might have already adopted a test management tool to organize and get an overview of your testing efforts. One such tool is TestRail from Gurock. To make things easier for you, we are working on automating the synchronization between the upcoming Squish Team Server and TestRail.

testrail synchronization image

How it works

Synchronization is currently done by requesting the latest results, converting them and uploading them onto TestRail by taking advantage of its API. The team2rail command-line tool is given a source, the destination (address of TestRail instance) and how far back the synchronization should start (number of latest test suite runs). How often and how much you should synchronize depends on the frequency and size of your tests. A good idea is to always synchronize your latest test results shortly after running their respective tests. Be aware that the synchronization is not instant and can take some time depending on the amount of testing data you are trying to synchronize.

uploaded test result metrics image
Uploaded test result metrics

While the Squish test result output is more verbose than most, you can still take advantage of TestRails overview and metrics. Results are currently interpreted as either Passed or Failed. The number of individual comparisons and failure severity is not yet tracked but we are looking into using TestRail custom fields for integrating more details. A link back to the original result is always provided, so you can look it up if needed.

If you have any suggestions or features you want to see, please let us know!


This sounds very promising. Do we know when this will be available?

    It’s planned to make the TestRail Integration avaiable via the Squish TeamServer for which we are currently looking at a 2019 release date. We hope to have the TestRail integration available with the first release.

The integration became part of what we decided to call Test Center:

Test definitions can be pulled from TestRail and used as mapping targets for Squish tests. With a push of a button the test outcomes can be synchronized thus marking the TestRail tests as having passed or failed.

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