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Viki: a personal wiki for Vim

For a long time I had problems finding a way to organize arbitrary snippets of information on my computer. I tried several things from simply storing arbitrary text files in the normal directory structure to trying out various note-kepping programs. I even considered writing one of my own.

Several weeks ago I finally found the ideal solution for me — at least from my current experience it seems to be the ideal solution: Viki. This is a vim script that adds wiki functionality to vim.

Now I can keep my notes semi-structured (i.e. cross-referenced) — and my todo list. I even started organizing my web browser bookmarks with Viki (you can invoke an external link in your web browser from within vim with the Viki scripts).

I also use Mercurial to put my notes in a revision control system. This allows me to easily distribute my notes across different computers and keeping them in sync (with the side-effect to get light-weight backups).

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