Today’s the third, and last, day of our stay at the Webinale Conference. Squish is still a rather new and unknown contender in the AJAX world but it turned out that this is not a disadvantage. In fact, the whole scene is moving so quickly that there’s always something new (sometimes useless and over-hyped, sometimes interesting) and something else is outdated.

One nice thing about this conference is that even though there are a few vendors of AJAX Toolkits here, and lots of talks about how to write proper web applications, nobody cares about testing those GUIs yet. We’re the only ones to tackle that topic and hence get a very good amount of attention here by the visitors. Reggie’s talk was also received very well and even though the conference is rather smallish (this is the first year it’s taking place), we managed to get hold of a good number of leads (which, by the way, are of rather high quality – most people here already thought about testing, tried other testing solutions, and are generally everything but new to the topic).

On the first day, Monday, there were merely some tutorials which we did not attend. We arrived in the evening and directly headed to the ‘VIP Meeting’ after checking into the hotel. It turned out to be a rather posh happening and I felt a tiny little bit misplaced there (even though my clothing was adequate and I think I did pretty well at wearing the ‘Oh yeah, so you’re doing AJAX?’ face). We took advantage of the buffet (which was stronger on the veggie-side than I liked) and headed back to the hotel rather early.

Yesterday, there was some party thing nearby after the visitors left. It featured slick club music and a totally yuppy-compliant motto: Work hard, party harder. I skipped it since that’s not really my idea of partying.

Today, it’s annoyingly hot (it’s 9:30am now and I think we’re past 25 degrees Celsius already). It’s currently rather calm here and I can’t shake the feeling that most companies here are talking to each other instead of talking to the visitors (simply because there are virtually no visitors right now). We’re planning to catch the plane at 8pm this evening and I hope to be back home (and wearing more comfortable shoes) by 10pm.

Here are some pictures we took yesterday for your viewing… uhm… pleasure?:

Frerich at the froglogic booth

Reginald at the froglogic Booth

Our neighbours to the right


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