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What we at froglogic think about Qt's future

More than two weeks passed since Nokia announced that it will adopt Windows Phone as their platform for smart phones. This obviously raised a lot of questions about Qt’s and also MeeGo’s future and a lot has been said in blogs, public and private discussions.

From a personal point, all engineers here are froglogic are big fans of cross-platform software and think that Qt always was and still is the best toolkit to develop C++ GUIs.

From a business point we are of course also very interested in a successful future of Qt. While we as a company are not fully dependent on Qt anymore (about 40% of our clients use use our Squish for Qt product), the Qt market is still a very important one for us.

So for many reasons we are very interested in Qt’s future and further success. We had many discussions with different people and wrote up our take on the situation in an announcement today which you can read at

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