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Why I write (almost) no blogs

When I commute to work I typically listen to podcasts. My favorite podcast is Chaosradio Express, a podcast in German about technology (often with social aspects on it as well). In its latest episode Moderne Webentwicklung Tim Pritlove (the host of the podcast) talks with the two developers of Soup.

Soup is a Tumblelog and they explain in the beginning that the concept of a tumblelog is to propagate really short blogs. To cut a story short: the problem I have with writing blogs is that i don’t feel like writing full-fledged articles all the time (I am a somewhat lazy person). But now I realize that it is not needed at all and I plan to write more often blog entries with some short info or tips (they won’t be as short as tumblelogs, though).

So stay tuned. This blog is not dead (although it almost looks like it is from the frequency of articles lately).

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