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Yet another static code analyzer run

Looking for the answer to a 64-bit build question I ran into a news item titled “The Unicorn Getting Interested in KDE“. Since I never saw an unicorn before this made me curious.

Turns out that a company selling a static code analysis tool has been analysing KDE code. This is not the first time some provides such feedback to Open Source projects. Did this

My favourite finding is this redundant if() statement:

if ( type == "String" ) t += defaultValue; //<== else t+= defaultValue; //<==

Can anyone tell how old the KDE code base is? And did they approach anyone from the project, yet? The posting is just two days old but it might already be old news in todays age...



We received the result files already, but are awaiting response if we are allowed to publish them on public KDE sites.

… and I just got the confirmation mail.

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